H1 Bull Bar

This is a ‘Must Have’ replacement of your original fragile bumper designed for all your off-roading adventures and commercial vehicle protection! Designed specifically for heavy duty protection and difficult off-road terrain

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One of the Best Bull Bars Available on Market

The H1 Bull Bars are designed to ensure easy, straight forward installation as a new, full replacement for the original bumper. You will never know when you will require additional protection against unpredictable drivers, off-road debris, and the everyday dangers of the road. Save yourself the hassle by picking up this stylish Bull Bar.

Installation Available

We install all of our products on site at our Gold Coast Branch in Arundel. We ideally will need you to book in a time slot prior to installation as we cannot always do it without notice. If you would like to book an installation, please contact us via phone, email or our online contact form! All of our contact information can be found on our website.


Fresh Your Car Look

Upgrade your factory look to more aggresive and stylish design.


Years Experience

Being the First Ones in This Business, we have Tons of Expirience in any Kind of Vehicles.


A Team of Professionals

Our Team will Help You to Choose Right Product to Suit Your Needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has this Bull Bar been AirBag Tested and Certified?

Yes! We can supply a copy of the certificate if requested.

Does this Support a Winch?

Yes, there is a pre-built cradle in the Bull Bar.

Can I Also Get a Winch with my Bull Bar?

Yes, we supply a range of winches so let us know if you’re after one, and we’ll help you find one suitable for you.

Can I Still Use my Front Parking Sensors?

Yes! Our team will extend the sensors and fix them to your new bar. They will function as usual.