PROFENDER Suspension (2 inches) – Set of 4


We would like to introduce a special design Profender Super Twin Tube ( Twin Function ) street use shock suspension.As we know that now days most buyer purchased the standard height shock suspension,it useless once they lift up their vehicle’s.Profender Created a special steel cone and rubber base coil spring protection for These shock absorbers can be run with standard height or raised suspension ( up to 50mm above standard ).Why don’t you choosing it to upgraded your shock absorbers and improve the safety, comfort and handling with Profender Shocks.When it comes to your vehicle’s suspension, don’t risk it with cheap inferior parts which selling in market.

Product Description: Super Twin tube designed with a big piston and a big shaft that provides excellent performance suited for heavy duty use. The perfect specification allows the driver to enjoyed a more comfortable and improved ride.Low pressure Nitrogen prevent cavity of inside the shock when it gets hot. So shocks will consistently work until you arrive at the destination. The inside of the piston is made of Teflon that allows it to slide smoothly and last long. Super polished shaft is excellent in working properly. The shock absorber valve is made of materials from Sandvik Cany, Sweden. They can accurately control the needed damping force. It is sealed properly to protect leaks and can perform very well even in dusty and dirty conditions.



  • Direct bolt on without modification
  • Comfortable once you vehicle’s moving


Shock Absorber Features:

  • 40mm Bore
  • 20mm Shaft
  • 60mm Outer shell
  • Piston with Teflon
  • Sandvik Shock Absorber Valve control accurate damping force

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