Sharkbar Side Steps

Gear up with Auto Prestige’s most durable, heavy duty Running Board. Engineered to have a wide profile, these Running Boards make it effortless to get a firm footing to enter and exit your cab.

One of the Best Side Steps Available on Market

They don’t just appear tough, they are designed with durability in mind and powder coated black for the ultimate protection. The broad, all-steel construction makes them not only stronger than your average Running board, but more practical with accessible footing. They are slotted to allow any debris left by your shoes to divert through the strategically placed channels.

Key Features


This step has the option to adjust the Running Boards to sit closer or further away from the vehicle depending on how much surface area is requested. This feature ONLY works for certain models, so please inquire prior to purchase.

Modern Cuttings

The cuttings in these Running Boards will modernize and sharpen up any vehicle. The cuttings are also strategically placed to catch debris that may have dropped from shoes.

High Quality Material

These Running Boards are made of industrial quality steel, so you can rely on the strength and durability.

Installation Available

We install all of our products on site at our Gold Coast Branch in Arundel. We ideally will need you to book in a time slot prior to installation as we cannot always do it without notice. If you would like to book an installation, please contact us via phone, email or our online contact form! All of our contact information can be found on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will These be Slippery in The Wet?

No, the powder-coated finish is slip resistant to prevent loss of traction.

Will These Running Boards Fit my Single Cab?

Possibly! This will fit certain Single Cab models. Please inquire with our team to see if it will suit your vehicle.

Is there a Warranty on This Product?

Yes. One year from the date of purchase.

Are These Difficult to Install?

This will depend if you have prior experience, although we do recommend professional installation when possible.

How Big are These Running Boards?

They are 80” long.

Do These Come in Any Other Colour?

No, these are only supplied in the matte black finish.


Fresh Your Car Look

Upgrade your factory look to more aggresive and stylish design.


Years Experience

Being the First Ones in This Business, we have Tons of Expirience in any Kind of Vehicles.


A Team of Professionals

Our Team will Help You to Choose Right Product to Suit Your Needs.